The importance of getting your security right!

All websites have the option to be secure or insecure.  This is shown through the http at the start of the address.  Websites which are secured display https at the beginning.  Those which are not secure (or encrypted) display as http.

The importance of getting a secure site is actually strengthening all the time.  Google now prioritise https sites in their rankings for google search terms, so sites which are secure are now more likely to hold higher positions for their keywords.  This is important to know, as it could be worth getting a SSL certificiate configured for your site.

It is important to get a web developer to configure your SSL certificate properly, as if it is done incorrectly it can make the site display incorrectly, which can put off customers and readers.  It may show that the site is insecured, which can make people wary of giving their credit card details, address or phone numbers.